Welcome Our Newest Writer: Nyssa Senoi!

Born and raised in Los Angeles County, Nyssa Senoi is an accomplished go-go dancer, classically trained dancer, model, and actress as well as a Lingerie Football League hopeful.

She is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys Harry Potter (she has a Slytherin tattoo on her upper back), Star Wars, and Batman. She enjoys cosplaying (Slave Leia and Harley Quinn, anyone?) and attending comic conventions.

When it comes to sports she’s a huge football fan. She’s a proud member of the Raider Nation! At the moment she is training to try out for the Los Angeles Temptation in the spring (wish her luck!). She also trained in MMA for a few months and is currently looking for a chance to return.

Her interests also include things of a more “adult” nature, and she runs a blog on Tumblr dedicated to sex and sex advice . http://liberte-sexuelle.tumblr.com/

She looks forward to working on the site and show!

Feel free to follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/NyssaSenoi


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