Show Hosts

 George Brew– In 2009 George had a vision for a sports radio show that was what he wanted to hear on sports talk radio.  Angry and frustrated with talk radio hosts that yelled at their listeners for a brain of their own, George set out on a journey to give fan back their voice.  This journey grew from a weekly 1 Hour Radio Show, to the What’s Brewin in Sports Radio Network.  He hosts or co-hosts on many of the shows on the network including, The What’s Brewin Show, What’s Brewin with the Bombers, What’s Brewin in Football and the new What’s Brewin After Dark Show.  While he has been humbled by the places he has been able to go, and the people he has interviewed and met, the vision of What’s Brewin becoming every sports fans home for their sports news is what keeps driving him every day.

Katie Summers- YO YO YO it’s K Sizzle!!!! Yes that is how you know it’s adult film starlet, Katie Summers. This Texas beauty knows what she is talking about when  it comes to Football and Sex, so what better way than to make films and co-host What’s Brewin After Dark with George Brew talking about what every guy likes to talk about? Katie is a rare breed, being from Texas you would think she is a Cowboys fan… WRONG! She is actually a Chicago Bears fan! Crazy right? Well you would think so till you find out her family is from Chicago so we have to make an exception, but it’s okay at least she knows what she is talking about. She is always up to talk sports and isn’t afraid to say how it is. She also can talk about sex and not feel ashamed about it, maybe that’s why her friends and fans are so comfortable talking to her about anything. Speaking of, you can listen to her LIVE every Tuesday night at 10pm PST on!


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