Getting To Know Suicide Girls Hopeful “Raxella”!

Suicide Girls is a group of beautiful, erotic, and quirky young women who aren’t afraid to be who they are. As stated on their own website, they are a community that embraces “alternative beauty” and alternative cultures. Gamer chicks, nerds, punks, hippies; you name it, there’s a model for it.

I feel so privileged to have the chance to ask the lovely Suicide Girl Hopeful, Raxella, some questions about Suicide Girls and her experiences!

Name: Raxella

Age: 20

Birthday: 12/30/1990

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Hobbies/Special Interests: Photography, modeling, drawing and video games

Personal Website (Tumblr, Twitter, etc): 

What made you decide to become a Suicide Girl?
When I was 17, my friend suggested I should apply when I was 18 for the heck of it. Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it. I applied and got passed the first part of the application! It took me quite a long time to actually get a shoot in to get my Hopeful status. College was taking up most of my time. I felt like it was somewhere I could be myself and not have to try to fit in with people. It’s a very open community.

Who do you look up to for inspiration when it comes to your sets?
Some of my favorite Suicide Girls on the site are Radeo, Quinne, Rambo and Sash. I looked through a lot of their sets to get the idea of what the site wanted before I did my first set.

Do you see Suicide Girls as pornography or something else?
I see SG as “artful  nudity”. A lot of people call it porn, but what are we doing that’s pornographic? There’s nothing dirty about it. It’s just nude women. We have a body for a reason. It’s meant to be looked at.

What would you describe your style as?
I don’t even know what my style is… I’m a whole mixture of styles! I smoke weed, I rave, I love photography and modeling, I have piercings and tattoos… but I look innocent on the outside.

What has your experience with SG been like so far?
It’s been great! I’ve made a lot of friends on the site, some people I talk to everyday. I have my own little fan club on the site I guess… those few guys that message me a lot. Most girls would think it’s annoying, but it’s nice actually.

What do you think makes you stand out from other Hopefuls?
I know a few people that want to be Suicide Girls just so that they can say they are and show off their body… that’s not what I’m there for. I’m there for the creativity and the community. It’s hard for me to be a model for anything due to my height, (I’m 5 feet tall), so SG is where I belong. The photos are all about the attitude and who YOU are. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not on there, because it will show.

Is there anything we can do to help you become a Suicide Girl?
Just promote me and get the word out about my set on the site right now.

If you become a Suicide Girl what kind of projects are you looking to do with them? Movies? Just photos?
I would eventually love to be a part of a movie of theirs. I’ve heard it’s quite the experience! For now I think I will stick to photos.

Would you just stick with Suicide Girls or would you hope to branch out to other kinds of alternative modeling?
I would like to stick with SG in the long run. I’ve worked so hard for all of it and it’s where I want to be.

Anything else you feel like sharing?
I want to say to any girl who wants to be a Suicide Girl, try it out if you’re serious about and don’t let ANYONE ever get you down. Just remind yourself, it’s hard to erase being naked on the internet.


To help Raxella fulfill her dream of becoming a Suicide Girl, log on to and become a member of their online community! Add Raxella as a friend, comment on her set, do whatever!